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The Pants pick up where the Boots leave off: The Boots are put on like two separate boots and include your entire leg musculature from your toes up to your groin in your recovery application. The Pants go one step further: they consist of a pair of connected pants and extend from your toes to your midsection - depending on your body size. In this way, the pants also help you to recover the large and important muscle groups in the buttocks and in the hip and back area.

Our pants are available in one size, which fits almost everyone perfectly. They adapt to your size and end - depending on body size - at your body center.
This not only saves you the hassle of measuring, but you can also share your pants relaxed with a training partner.

Our two models offer you a strong performance for your recovery with 240mmHg maximum pressure. With a choice of different programs and deactivatable chambers, you can also always customize your massage to suit your needs.
Our Reboots Go model is also suitable for use on the go. It has a compact control unit and a built-in rechargeable battery. So it allows you your recovery application wherever you are.

The Reboots One model, on the other hand, requires a power connection. In return, this model offers you eight air chambers, through which you can target smaller areas of your muscles even more precisely. Still unsure which model is right for you? We're happy to help!

Reboots is not a medical product. If you have any medical or health questions, please seek the advice of your family doctor in advance. He can give you a good individual recommendation. We will then be happy to help you choose the right model.

Recovery Boots provide a gliding massage to your legs. Thus, they help you to remove waste products of your metabolism, such as BLa (blood lactic acid), which accumulate during exercise in your muscles and cause unwanted fatigue effects there.

The vast majority feel a clear effect after an intense workout. This has also been proven by various studies. However, the recovery application affects everyone individually. Therefore, it is best to try it yourself and convince yourself of our reboots. In our Help Center you can find an article about what the current state of scientific studies is.

Reboots works with relatively high pressure (up to 240mmHg) and a higher number of air chambers than most other suppliers. This causes an intense and gliding compression wave. Thus, Reboots allow an individual as well as intensive regeneration.

Online you can buy reboots only in our webshop.

You can test reboots at various events. These will be announced on our social media channels:

In addition, when you purchase, you have the option to test reboots within 30 days of receipt and return them to us (subject to the general return policy) if you are not satisfied.

The Reboots app is compatible with the Reboots Go Lite and Reboots One Pro devices.
iOS users can find the app as usual in the AppStore. From iOS version 14.1, the operation of the Reboots is possible without any problems. The Android version can be found in the Google Play Store and is compatible with the reboots from Android version 6.0.
For older iOS or Android versions, there may be complications. We therefore recommend to update to the latest software.

For exact measurements of Boots, Pants and Arm Cuffs, check out our Support Area.

To delete your account in the Reboots app, proceed as follows:

Click on Settings > Account settings > Delete account at the bottom right. Confirm once again on the screen that you really want to delete your account.

That's it already! Your account is now deleted.

Application questions

In our Knowledge Base you can find info about the application

Questions about the right size

In our size guide, you'll find info on choosing the right size.


In short: Yes! You can use your Reboots Go both with connection to the wall socket, as well as via the (charged) battery.

No, unfortunately this is not possible at the current time.

With Reboots Go, we want to offer maximum mobility. You should be able to charge Reboots Go anywhere via a power outlet without any problems. Provided you use the right power outlet adapter.

When traveling with your Reboots Go and Reboots Go Lite, lithium-ion batteries may only be stored in carry-on baggage. When a bag is checked at the gate, all lithium batteries must be removed from the bag and stored with the passenger in the aircraft cabin.

Because the Reboots Go and Reboots Go Lite have a built-in lithium-ion battery, they may only be stored in carry-on baggage.

Our battery-powered devices must be registered prior to flight. It is at the discretion of the TSA officer to allow travel with the device. Please feel free to let the appropriate person know our website and social media if they are not familiar with our device.

Reboots Go can be easily taken on the road thanks to its dimensions. In our store you will find a practical transport bag, which was made to fit Reboots Go and allows you to transport the control unit, hoses and boots without any problems. Go to the product.

The battery lasts about 3 hours.


This depends on which mains voltage is used in the countries. The Reboots One currently only work with a voltage of 230 volts. This is common in almost all European countries, such as Germany, France, Italy, Spain or the UK, so you can use Reboots here without any problems.
However, there are some countries where a different mains voltage is used. In the USA, parts of South America and Asia, for example, a voltage of 110 volts is common. In this case, you need a voltage converter to be able to use Reboots One.

Number of chamber: Reboots One Pro has 12 compression chambers, Reboots One has 8 compression chambers, Reboots One Lite has only 6 compression chambers.

The number of programs also varies per device. Reboots One Pro has 8 massage programs, Reboots One and One Lite only had 6 massage programs.

Furthermore, the Reboots One Pro is distinguished by several features for more customized massage. With the Reboots One Pro, the pressure of each chamber can be adjusted individually, which contributes to an even more efficient and need-based massage. The Reboots One Pro has a built-in HOLD and INTERVAL timer: which can be used to adjust the massage intensity. The Reboots One Pro is the jack of all trades.

Reboots One Lite is ideal for beginners who can do without additional chambers and still want to enjoy the full benefits of the recovery application.

The noise level is about 60 dB. This is comparable to the volume of a refrigerator is. You can talk, watch TV or listen to music and relax normally during the application.

Yes, you can also use the Boots or Pants at the same time with e.g. the Arm Cuff with the help of the included Quick Connector.


Once we have received your payment, your package will be handed over to the parcel service on the following business day. Within Germany it usually takes another one to two business days until your reboots arrive. Abroad, the delivery currently takes between 5 and 9 business days. As soon as your package has been shipped, you will receive an automatic mail from us with your tracking number. If you have any further questions, please feel free to ask us via the contact form or the live chat.

Currently we ship reboots to the whole EU and on request worldwide. For more information on shipping costs and delivery times, please here.

If you would like to have reboots sent outside the EU, please feel free to contact us.

Yes, an intra-community delivery is possible. Contact us please for this in advance.


The payment you can make in various ways. Here you can choose between the following methods:
- Credit card payment (Visa, Mastercard and American Express)
- Paypal
- Invoice via Klarna
- Sofortüberweisung / direct debit (via Sofortüberweisung from Klarna)
- Installment purchase via Klarna
- Bank transfer / Prepayment

You can return your reboots to us up to 30 days after purchase, subject to the general return policy. You can find more information about the conditions of the return shipment in our Return Policy. A money - back - guarantee beyond this period does not exist.

Yes, it is possible to pay your reboots via Klarna in installments. The payment can be made in 1 to 24 installments

For each option, annual interest rates vary from 9.99% to 11.95%. There are no additional fees, except for interest and reminder fees that apply if you miss the maturity date.

Within 30 days after receiving your reboots you can cancel your order - if you are not convinced. Since we need your revocation in writing, please contact us via our contact form. We will then help you as soon as possible.

If you have a delivery address in the EU, the invoice will be issued including VAT. For non-EU countries, such as Switzerland, the invoice is issued without VAT (gross = net).

Under certain circumstances, it is possible that reboots can be deducted as income-related expenses. Your tax advisor can tell you if this is possible for you. This does not constitute tax advice.


Yes, we conclude sponsorship agreements with semi-professional and professional athletes. There are no general requirements for this. So if you're considering sponsorship, we'd love to hear from you. Please include links to your social media channels with your request. You can use our regular contact form for this purpose.

Yes, there is. In addition, we also offer the possibility that we provide your team or club loan devices on a trial basis or a recovery consultant visits you. Please contact us for this.


Your question is not included? Then write to us and we'll be happy to help!