When choosing the right Reboots model, at some point you have to ask yourself the question: boots or pants? To help you choose the right reboots set, we will briefly explain the differences in this article. In addition, there is a new addition at Reboots: The Pants 2.0*. What are the differences to the normal pants and what innovations do the Pants 2.0 offer? We will give you answers to these questions in this article.

What are Reboots Recovery Pants? - Boots vs pants

How does sore muscles come about?
More differences


The Reboots Recovery Pants offer you the chance to optimize your Reboots session and take your recovery to the next level. The compression pressure in Recovery Pants and Boots has the same intensity. Because the massage with the Recovery Pants massages more muscles, you can significantly reduce your regeneration time in comparison.

Reboots Pants 2.0 (accessories)
Reboots Go Lite Pants 2.0 (Zubehör) - Reboots EU
Reboots Go Lite Pants 2.0 (Zubehör) - Reboots EU
Reboots Go Lite Pants 2.0 (Zubehör) - Reboots EU
Reboots Go Lite Pants 2.0 (Zubehör) - Reboots EU
Reboots Go Lite Pants 2.0 (Zubehör) - Reboots EU
Reboots Pants 2.0 (Zubehör) - Reboots
Reboots Pants 2.0 (Zubehör) - Reboots
Reboots Pants 2.0 (accessories)
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How to measure size?

Size S/M:
Body height: 1.60 m - 1.75 m
Inside leg length: 65 - 80 cm

Size L:
Body height: 1.70 m - 2.00 m
Inside leg length: 76 - 98 cm

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One size has never fitted so perfectly

Reboots Recovery Pants vs Pants 2.0*

This is where the new Pants 2.0* from Reboots come in handy. For the first time, the leg circumference can be adjusted to the individual anatomy of the legs with three separate zippers each for the thighs and lower legs. This enables you to adjust the pants better to your legs, ie depending on the size you need, you can either make the pants narrower or wider. As a result, the pressure is the same for legs of different circumferences and the quality of the massage is increased. Due to the perfect fit and overlapping compression chambers, more passes per massage are possible in the same time. The "flow technology" developed by Reboots also contributes to this. It optimizes and reduces the air volume required per chamber and enables more runs per minute.

The Reboots Pants 2.0* allow you to take your Reboots Massage to the best possible level, so you can say hello to more mobility and better performance in competition and training!

Complete regeneration massage

The sports car among the Recovery Pants


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With Reboots Swap we sponsor your new reboots. You can easily exchange your boots for the brand new Pants 2.0* and only pay the difference.

*Only for Reboots One, One Pro and Go Lite