Application scenarios of reboots

With Reboots we always give you the choice: You can choose between recovery boots or pants (2.0) , different sizes and up to 16 different pressure levels. We already provide you with blog posts on these topics to help you make the right choice:

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This blog article is about the different setups that have proven themselves for many athletes.

Important: The suggested setups are only recommendations. You can and should use them as a guide for your own recovery application and adapt them to your preferences. Always keep our rule of thumb in mind: the application should always feel good and never be uncomfortable!

Reboots can be used for three different purposes:

1. To warm up:

2. Immediately after training:

3. For relaxation:

Reboots Go
Reboots Go - Reboots EU
Reboots Go - Reboots EU
Reboots Go
Reboots Go
Reboots Go - Reboots EU
Reboots Go - Reboots EU
Reboots Go - Reboots EU
Reboots Go
Reboots Go - Reboots EU
Reboots Go - Reboots EU
Reboots Go
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The post-training Reboots application can be roughly divided into three phases:

Phase 1: Shallow entry into the recovery application
The first 10 minutes of the recovery session are used to prepare and loosen the legs. We recommend "Flow" for this, as this program exerts very selective pressure. Use a medium to high pressure level.

Phase 2: Intensive massage of the muscles

Phase 2 is the main phase of the recovery application. Here we recommend “Intense”. Alternatively, “Intense Pulse” can also be used with Reboots Go . In this phase you should use your individual maximum pressure for about 30 minutes.

Phase 3: Wind down the recovery application
At the end you can use any program except “Flow”. Use your favorite program for 10 minutes at low pressure.

Find out which massage program makes sense in which application scenario.


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In order to achieve complete relaxation, the Reboots units are ideal for taking a power nap. Use the Recharge Set for this!