Pre- & post-processing of the reboots session

How to properly use the Reboots Recovery Boots and Pants

You almost sprint the last kilometer of your running session because you know what awaits your tired legs at home: a massage in your Reboots Recovery Boots/Pants. Of course you want to use this within your open window of 30-60 minutes after training to get the most efficient regeneration. However, there are a few things to look out for before and after your reboots session. In this article we will explain the most important of them to you.

pre reboots

Choosing the right time

So that you can get the most out of your Reboots Recover Boots/Pants, you should watch for the right timing. Of course, the Recovery Boots/Pants also serve their purpose if you use them at another time. The number one rule is: use the recovery boots/pants. When exactly is irrelevant in this sense.

However, if you want to get the most out of your recovery boots/pants, then science recommends using them in the open window for 30-60 minutes after training. During this period, the Recovery Boots/Pants can best support your body during regeneration.

Try coziness!

One of the first things we do when we get home: put on sweatpants! After training, you are probably already wearing elastic material. This allows you to slip directly into the Reboots Recovery Boots/Pants and recover before the shower in order to make the best possible use of the open window. Alternatively, you can of course simply climb in with bare legs. A massage in jeans should be avoided, however, as firmer material can cause pressure points. As a precaution, check your trouser pockets, if you have them. They should definitely be empty.

Make yourself comfortable. When using your Reboots Recovery Boots/Pants, the first thing you should do is make sure you are comfortable. Lie down on the sofa and make sure nothing is tugging or pinching. The best thing to do is to elevate your legs a little. You can find more tips here .

The right balance is crucial.

Your body consists of about 70% water. During your training you sweated out a lot of it. First of all, you should replenish your water balance to prevent cramps. But don't overdo it, because there's nothing more annoying than relaxing in your Reboots Recovery Boots/Pants and then having to go to the toilet in the middle of it.

We all love food. A post-workout snack never hurts, but you shouldn't fill your stomach with the recovery boots/pants before your reboots session. The Reboots Recovery Pants in particular reach above the navel, depending on body size. With a full stomach, this could be a bit uncomfortable.

intra reboots

A lot helps a lot?

Get into the Reboots Recovery Boots! Close the zip, press the button and enjoy. This article tells you which programs you should use and when.

The optimal duration of use of the Reboots Recovery Boots/Pants is between 30-50 minutes. Then the effect stagnates. You are free to use them longer. However, be aware: compression massages soften the muscles. If you use the Reboots Recovery Boots/Pants for too long - or even several times a day - you lose the muscle tone that your muscles need to perform during training. This could make itself felt during your next sports unit.

Pay attention to the right pressure. Gradually increase the pressure on your Reboots Recovery Boots/Pants, otherwise the massage could be more uncomfortable than relaxing.

The most important

The most important thing when using the Reboots Recovery Boots/Pants? Relax and enjoy the well-deserved break.

post reboots

Ahhh, the feeling of floating is simply incomparable. To bleed the Reboots recovery boots/pants, simply pull the multi-plug out of the control unit and press the air chambers of your recovery boots or pants with both hands. Since your Reboots Recovery Boots/Pants are used regularly, we recommend that you leave the cuff connectors on. For storage, you can simply place the Reboots Recovery Boots/Pants on top of each other and loosely roll them up with the hose set attached.

Is there a rest day on the following day of your reboots session? Then you shouldn't lie down on your lazy skin immediately after the regeneration massage. Go for a walk, run up and down the stairwell, or whatever else you can think of—afterward, move at least 10 minutes.

Reboots tips: Our top 3 for better regeneration

The Reboots Recovery Boots and Pants offer you the basis for optimal regeneration. Combined with Reboots, you can take additional measures to improve and speed up your regeneration. We have compiled our three top tips for you here:

  1. Many things in life cannot be planned. your training already! So adapt your sports units to your everyday life. Are you particularly challenged by a project at work this week? Are you moving to the fourth floor without a lift? Such situations challenge your body physically and mentally and are not a good basis for heavy training. Regeneration is prolonged in such phases of life. Then it is necessary to reduce the athletic performance somewhat and, exceptionally, to resort to the lighter weights. In the next week you can step on the gas again!
  2. We would like to go into the mental relaxation again separately. The mental state has an enormous influence on the regeneration of your body. You think you're giving your body rest because you're lying on the couch, but are you going through your to-do's for the next day in your head? This is a hindrance to your regeneration. Try to consciously clear your mind as the central nervous system plays a huge role in your workouts and recovery.

    By the way: This tip can also be applied to your reboots session. Use the regeneration massage to give your head a holiday for 30-50 minutes! To get into this mode, you can also meditate, sleep or listen to binaural beats during this time.
  3. Nothing new and yet underrated: warm-up & cool-down. We all know we should do it, and yet many don't. The preparation for your regeneration already takes place here. Take the time to prepare your body for the workout by slowly increasing your circulation. In the classic way, you stand on the treadmill for 5-10 minutes at a moderate pace - that's it!

    Same game after training: With a cool-down, you don't interrupt the training abruptly, but slowly bring your body back to "normal operation". Here, too, 10 minutes are sufficient, which have a positive effect on your regeneration. This is because during this time your body is already starting to break down the waste products that have been produced as a result of the sporting activity.

As you can see, regeneration is a small science in itself. Your body awareness is important, then it's actually quite simple. Do what your body tells you. Are you feeling down today? Then bring your rest day forward. Do you have knee pain? Then go easy on it during training and deactivate the corresponding chamber of your Reboots recovery boots/pants to exclude it from the pressure wave massage. This is how you find your own way to optimal regeneration and create the basis for top sporting form.