Find your suitable reboots size

Have you found the right product in our range of Recovery Boots , Recovery Pants and Pants 2.0 that satisfies your needs and supports your regeneration? Excellent! Then we can start... Not quite. You should make sure to choose the right size of your reboots. Since the size selection is not necessarily self-explanatory, we have put together the most important information and tips for choosing the size of your reboots. Grab your tape measure and let's get started.

Why decide on a size at all?

The correct positioning of the compressed air chambers is important for your massage with the Reboots. If these are placed in the wrong place on your body, your massage will not be as effective as it should be. That's why the right size is important. Additionally you have to choose between Reboots Recovery Boots , Recovery Pants and Pants 2.0 decide.

The advantage of the Recovery Pants is that they are only available in one length, so you don't have to choose a specific size. The Pants 2.0 are available in sizes S/M and L. They hug the body perfectly and offer an excellent fit all day long without any annoying slipping or restrictions. At this point we would also like to mention that you get the most effective pressure wave massage and the greatest regeneration gain from our Reboots Recovery Pants , as they cover a larger body surface. They not only massage their legs, but also their buttocks. These are available in both the One and Go versions. You can also adjust our Reboots Pants 2.0 to your individual leg circumference with the help of zips - available for One , One Pro and Go Lite .

Attention: If you are approx. 1.85 cm tall, you should switch to the Recovery Pants 2.0 or the boots, as we can no longer guarantee that the Recovery Pants will fit correctly from this height. To be on the safe side, you can also measure your inner leg length. This should be less than 89 cm. See the video below for instructions.

Here you can find out more about the advantages of pants over boots .

Sizes for Reboots Recovery Boots

If you decided against the Recovery Pants (are you really sure that's the right decision? ;)), the Reboots Recovery Boots are at your disposal.

To assess which size is best for you, you need to measure your inseam. To measure your inseam, all you need is a simple tape measure. You measure from the crotch to the heel.

By the way: Your body size is irrelevant for the selection of the boot size.

The Reboots sizes at a glance:



one size

< 89cm

We recommend the Reboots Recovery Pants and Pants 2.0 for inner leg lengths of up to 89 cm, as they cover the largest massage area and therefore deliver the best results.


< 81cm

The recovery boots in M ​​are suitable for inner leg lengths of up to 81 cm. If your leg circumference is relatively small, you may have to compensate for this with higher pressure in order to get the best possible recovery application .


82cm - 88cm

The Recovery Boots in L are suitable for an inner leg length between 82 cm and 88 cm.


> 89 cm

From an inner leg length of 89 cm, we recommend the recovery boots in XL.

The right seat

In general, the recovery boots should be pulled up as high as possible. The Recovery Pants automatically reach higher. Only the tips of the toes (not the toes!) should stick out at the end. This way you can ensure that your entire legs benefit optimally from the recovery application .

Toe tips sticking out of Reboots


Are you worried that the size M of the Recovery Boots is already too big for you? Experience has shown that a height of 165 cm should be sufficient for using the M-Boots. Granted, the fit won't be perfect, but it'll be acceptable. From a height of 160 cm there is the possibility to deactivate the uppermost chamber. This means that pants or boots that are too large can also be used without any problems. If your leg circumference is also relatively small, you may have to work with quite a lot of pressure.

By the way: You can also use reboots on a single leg. On the back of the multi-plug you will find a plug that you can use to block unused access.