11 tips for your optimal reboots routine

Reboots allows for an ideal recovery session. The following 11 tips and tricks will help you get the full 100% effectiveness out of your Reboots unit.

1. Choose the right size of your Reboots Recovery Boots

Size M, L or size XL? Choosing the right size is crucial when choosing your Recovery Pants 2.0 or Recovery Boots . We have summarized all the information you need here so that you can choose the right boots and pants.

2nd tip from science: The WHEN is crucial. Choose the right time for your recovery routine

In principle, you can of course always use your Reboots Recovery Boots and Pants whenever you feel like it. However, the ideal window for your recovery routine is 60 minutes post-workout. Of course, the recovery boots don't lose their effectiveness if you use them a little later. The number one rule of thumb is that you use the recovery boots regularly at all.

However, you will achieve the greatest recovery effect immediately after your training session. In the open window of 30-60 minutes after training, your metabolism is still working at full speed. While your tired legs relax in your Reboots recovery boots or pants, your metabolism can actively support the removal of lactate. If you exceed the regeneration window, your body systems are already shut down and in "chill mode". Your recovery boots will still promote lactate removal, but receive little natural support from your body. Regeneration is therefore most effective in the first hour after your workout.

3. Position yourself in your recovery boots or pants without impeding blood flow

Make your Reboots Recovery Boots and Pants work with gravity, not against it. To prevent lactate from flowing back, the Reboots Recovery Boots should always be used as horizontally as possible with outstretched legs. The upper body can be erect. But make sure that your groin is not severely kinked, so as not to interrupt the blood flow. The tips of the toes should ideally be positioned under the heart.

4. Pay attention to the placement of the air hoses

Make sure that the hoses for the air supply are not pinched, for example because you sit on them or bend them.

5. Drink plenty of water before, during and after the Reboots Recovery application

Make sure you have replenished your fluid balance. We recommend having a protein shake, electrolytes and salts prior to the recovery session. It is also important to drink plenty of water before and after use. When dehydrated, you can be prone to cramps.

6. Get mentally involved in the relaxation as well

Make yourself comfortable, time to relax! It helps if you fully engage in relaxation. Not only your body, but also your mind contribute to recovery.

Mountain biker sits next to bike
The German mountain bike cyclist and mother of two Elisabeth Brandau appreciates the mental relaxation: "Since I've been using the reboots and I've also planned regeneration firmly, I have at least 30 minutes of rest a day, which I can schedule flexibly. The muscular recovery is accelerated and the mind is decelerated, so that I am fit again for the next training session or the upcoming competition.”

7. Treat yourself to some me-time: The optimal application time is 30-50 minutes

You've managed to slip into your Reboots Recovery Boots within your Open Windows. But what is the optimal duration of use? For an effective Reboots massage, you should ideally take 30-50 minutes. Your body needs time to break down waste.

8. Vary and combine the massage programs in your Reboots sessions

Your Reboots Recovery Boots come with different programs that satisfy different needs and tastes. You can read a detailed description of all programs here . Ironman world champion Anne Haug also uses the reboots. In the article, you can read and get inspired by her personal Reboots Recovery routine.

9. The smarter give in: Feel your individual pressure

Similar to sensitivity to cold, everyone has a different sensitivity to pressure. Some people freeze at 18 degrees, while others are already sweating at these temperatures. Choosing a compression level isn't about proving yourself by struggling through the highest compression level. This is not the point of the Reboots massage either - we want you to recover from your training session in the best possible way! Our rule of thumb is therefore: The application should always feel good and never be uncomfortable.

Since the feeling of pressure is very subjective, we cannot give you any precise information. An important factor is, for example, your leg circumference and thus the right size of your Reboots recovery boots and pants. Users with thin legs often have to work with a higher pressure. So it's best to test yourself. With the innovative Pants 2.0, you can use the integrated zips to adapt the circumference to your individual leg anatomy, which means that the pressure is usually even more intense and effective.

You will notice that your feeling also depends on how you feel on the day. For this reason we offer up to 16 different pressure levels. There will be days when the high pressure is exactly what relaxes your muscles. On other days, the lower levels will do for you. For example, if you have performed at a high level and your legs are excessively exhausted (e.g. after a competition), the sensitivity to pain can be particularly high.

Profile picture Anne Haug
The pros feel the same way. Ironman World Champion Anne Haug says, for example: “I always do it based on my feelings. Every day is different, sometimes you feel more pressure than comfortable and sometimes less. But I have noticed that the more often I use the reboots, the more pressure I find pleasant.”

10. Use the deactivatable chambers if necessary

You can use the deactivatable compression chambers if you want to exclude pain-sensitive areas from the massage. Also, you can turn off the top chamber if you only have available reboots that are too big for you.

11. Only use cooling regeneration measures after use

If you use additional cooling regeneration measures, use them for about 10 minutes after the recovery application. Important: Never use them beforehand, as the vessels contract due to the cold.

Good to know: Many athletes refrain from using Reboots the day before a competition in order to maintain muscle tone.

And now?
You have the tools and the knowledge - Let's go into your training to then experience the optimal recovery application!