Due to the increasing physical demands on the motor and cognitive level of football athletes, science is interested in gaining new insights in order to reduce or keep the days lost per player to a minimum. An excessive number of injury days within a team usually leads to a drop in performance on a sporting level. This excessive number of injured players leads to:

... less planning security for the coaching team

... imprecise implementation of tactical measures

... less competition and pressure to perform in the playing positions

… a player’s less willingness to perform

Along with the sporting consequences, there are financial losses at club and player level

...increased medical costs and excessive workload for physiotherapists, athletic trainers, rehabilitation trainers and physicians.

...worse prospects of participation and success in national and international competitions.

…less income from transfers (the market value of the player is reduced with the same salary).

...loss of image (public)

As the consulting agency PLAN DONE, we focus on keeping our players healthy and are in contact with the medical departments. In addition to the medical interventions of the association, we initiate further measures after consultation. As the market leader in the regenerative sector, Reboots is a strong partner at our side. Our players have the option of accessing the REBOOTS in our PLAN DONE Base at any time as part of the regeneration process. In the scientifically based recovery plan, players are recommended to use REBOOTS daily after training and after games within the open window effect.

Reboots Go Lite
Reboots Go Lite - Reboots EU
Reboots Go Lite - Reboots EU
Reboots Go Lite - Reboots EU
Reboots Go Lite
Reboots Go Lite
Reboots Go Lite - Reboots EU
Reboots Go Lite - Reboots EU
Reboots Go Lite - Reboots EU
Reboots Go Lite - Reboots EU
Reboots Go Lite - Reboots EU
Reboots Go Lite - Reboots EU
Reboots Go Lite - Reboots EU
Reboots Go Lite
Reboots Go Lite
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This is the difference between the boots and pants

The boots massage your feet and legs. They stop below the groin/hip. The pants, on the other hand, extend the massage and go above the hips. They therefore massage not only your feet and legs, but also your gluteus maximus (large gluteal muscle) and lower back.

Would you rather choose pants or boots?

To find the right product for you, it is first important to clarify whether both products fit you at all. If you are taller than 1.90m, then the pants are too small for you and you should therefore choose the boots. If you are shorter than 1.90m, then the boots and pants will fit you. The Pants are a bit more expensive than the Boots, but they extend the massage into the gluteus maximus (large gluteal muscle) and the lower back. Since the gluteus maximus is largely responsible for jumping power and sprinting speed, it is an important muscle when it comes to top athletic performance. The extra cost is therefore usually worth it and we would advise you to get the pants


How to measure size?

Size S/M:
Body height: 1.60 m - 1.80 m
Inside leg length: 65 - 84 cm

Size L:
Body height: 1.80 m - 2.00 m
Inside leg length: 85 - 98 cm

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