Training and regeneration are the keys to success in almost all sports. Training is a much-studied variable, while less attention has been paid to recovery. But what does regeneration actually mean?


✖️ The syllable " Re" means "undo" or "back". It stands for restoring performance after physical or psychological stress.

✖️ " Genes " are not only responsible for who and how we are. Genes also determine which regenerative approaches work for us and which may not achieve the desired effect. They also show how we individually tolerate burdens in a value-neutral sense.

✖️" Ration ": A ration or dose describes a certain amount of something - for example a certain dose of stress. That particular dose of stress directly affects our recovery to performance. As is so often the case here: the dose makes the poison. High intensities or large amounts of stress call for more rest.

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Regeneration is the sum of all processes that take place in the body following a load. The common goal of these processes is to restore the physiological balance - the so-called homeostasis. Once balance is restored, an adjustment process called supercompensation can begin.


dr Lutz Grauman


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