Reboots supports you in achieving your sporting goals. By that we mean both you as a professional athlete and you as an amateur athlete. You all have the same intention: get ahead and achieve sporting progress and goals. However, you have very different starting positions. Different sports, sport levels and lifestyles make it almost impossible to have a suitable product ready for everyone - but only almost.

At Reboots, we have goals too. One of them is to make the best regeneration available to every athlete from every conceivable sport - be it professional, amateur or hobby athletes. To do this, we put ourselves in the shoes of you, our customers.

What do your dream reboots look like?

Over the years we have collected your criticisms, suggestions for improvement and wishes. Based on this, we created a new product and were able to expand our product range. We want to make sure that there are suitable reboots for all your needs.

Our latest addition: Reboots Go Lite. Like all Reboots products, the Reboots Go Lite are suitable both for your warm-up and for your recovery after training. In this article we would like to explain in more detail how you can use the Reboots Go Lite for your Reboots Recovery Routine.

The advantages

First drafts for Reboots Go Lite

The Reboots Go Lite fits in a single hand. It is correspondingly weightless: 1 kg, as light as a water bottle. For a comfortable feel, we chose a round shape, somewhat cylindrical like a can of hairspray. In the Reboots Go Lite, the three central advantages of the previous models are combined for the first time: mobile, inexpensive and yet powerful with high pressure. In addition, the Reboots Go Lite has a modern and elegant design.

First prototype of Reboots Go Lite

“Under the hood” the Reboots Go Lite offers enough power for an effective pressure wave massage. The intensity can be felt but not heard. The Reboots Go Lite is as quiet as the rustling of leaves, so it doesn't get in the way of parallel activities like watching TV. Or how about using the Reboots unit to put all your devices aside and just relax? Due to the minimal volume, the new generation of our recovery boots offers the opportunity not only to regenerate the body, but also the mind.

If you want more tips for the optimal reboot routine, it's worth taking a look at our blog article.


Reboots Go Lite offers a choice of three massage programs. We focus on a program to relax the muscles, one for intensive lactate removal without reflux and one for a short but intensive reboots recovery session.


Reboots Go Lite not only creates a location-independent regeneration experience with the greatest flexibility due to its small size, but also due to its battery operation. Since there is no power socket within reach, you can also recover it on the peak of the Himalayas or directly after your surf session on the beach.


Beauty from the outside and inside: Reboots Go Lite not only looks good, but is also smart because it is equipped with an app control. The reboots app . With the Reboots app you can easily organize your regeneration massage and control it conveniently via your smartphone. You can save favorite reboots sessions in the reboots app and repeat them with one click next time. This allows you to use your Reboots Go Lite even more flexibly and easily.


Thanks to a polarity-proof plug, assembling the new Reboots Go Lite is even easier and there is no longer a risk of plugging in the air hoses the wrong way around.


Inflating the air chambers of the Reboot Go Lite is even more efficient as all chambers fully inflate for about 2 minutes at the beginning of use. The four cuffs of the Recovery Boots or Pants 2.0 adapt to the individual leg size and shape with the help of the Initial Phase feature. Only then is the selected program started so that you can fully enjoy the set time.

Recovery boots or pants?

You can use your Reboots Go Lite standard with the Reboots Go Lite Boots. These enable you to optimally regenerate your legs. However, if you want to take your regeneration to the next level, you should use our Pants 2.0 instead of the Go Lite Boots. These also include the buttocks and lower back, making your reboots recovery even more efficient.

You can read more about the Pants 2.0 here .


Reboots Go Lite offers incredible value for money, providing high quality rejuvenating massage at an affordable price. The Reboots Go Lite are also more accessible for amateur athletes and make the dream of being a professional more achievable through appropriate regeneration.

We did it and developed the recovery boots of your dreams. Revolutionizing the compression massage market, the Reboots Go Lite will meet all your needs at an affordable price starting at €499. In combination with the innovative Pants 2.0 you will be unbeatable!

“Reboots Go Lite incorporates the ideas and wishes of our customers and makes regeneration even easier and more convenient. The lightest, quietest, smallest, smartest... The list of superlatives goes on and on and shows how many advantages the Reboots Go Lite has. In doing so, we not only fulfill a dream for you, but also for ourselves” - Toni Bittner-De Grandi, Head of Product Management

You can read more product details here .

We would like to constantly develop further: Can you think of any further optimization options for recovery boots? Then write to us at!