Relaxation - Rather little pressure - 10-20 min. - Several application scenarios

"Flow" exerts a selective pressure and is therefore well suited for relaxing the muscles. The muscles are gradually contracted from the feet towards the body. We particularly recommend this program as a warm-up.

Intense stretch - Maximum pressure - 20-30 min. - Lowest reflux

"Intense" promotes the lactate removal most intensively. The sustained pressure in the lower chambers prevents backflow. As a beginner, you should approach this program slowly. At high pressure, Program B is very intense and effective!

Warm-up - Rather low pressure - 10-20 min. - Extended program A

Similar to program A, but two chambers are filled directly in each step. This means that "Double" achieves twice the number of passes in the same time and is suitable for shorter warm-up massages.

Short & Intense - Maximum pressure - 20-30 min. - Maximum compression

“Impulse” is for short and intense sessions. Since all chambers are pumped up in pulses at the same time, Pulse maximizes the number of compression cycles possible in a given time.

Multiple recovery - Maximum pressure - 20-30 min. - Parallel compression

“Intense Double” features a similar flow to Program F, but with two compression waves running in parallel. This enables us to apply twice the intensity to the lower leg and calf area.

Quick Recovery - Maximum pressure - 20-30 min. - Combination solution

"Intense Flow" combines the sequence of programs A and B. Several chambers always remain inflated at the same time, which prevents backflow. “Intense Flow” thus also promotes the lactate removal quite intensively. This program is suitable for a quick but intense recovery session.

Which program should I use when?

The various massage programs are suitable for different setups. We explain to you the scenarios in which the Reboots unit makes sense.

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