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Here, leading experts share their knowledge about effective regeneration to help athletes get fit again faster and achieve new peak performances.

Days lost in soccer

A high demand on the muscles means that clubs and players should not only focus on training control, but also on regeneration control. Here you can find out why this is so important.

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Regeneration in cycling

In an interview with Nicolas Berton, Head Physio of Team Vorarlberg, he tells us about his work, the importance of regeneration in cycling and the Reboots application.

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Cold and heat therapy for maximum performance

Our expert Björn Eberhardt shows how heat and cold therapy help to improve athletic performance and which forms are used.

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In today's world, where jobs, busy schedules and sport take up a lot of space, there is often little room for adequate and sufficient regeneration. Just as you optimize your work processes and training schedule, you should also optimize your recovery strategies. But is it possible to recover more in less time? My answer to that is yes!

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Especial Dr. Lutz Graumann

What is regeneration?

Training and regeneration are the keys to success in sport. But what does regeneration actually mean? Dr. Lutz Graumann explains.

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The relevance of regeneration

Dr. Lutz Graumann reviews the current state of research on "regeneration" and provides valuable tips that can be easily implemented in the everyday life of every athlete.

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How do sore muscles develop?

We all know the unpleasant visit the day after a hard training session - hello sore muscles! But how and why do sore muscles develop in the first place? Dr. Lutz Graumann explains it to you.

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Reboots and how recovery boots work

Sports physician Lutz Graumann summarized the results of major studies on the effects of compression massage.

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Recuperación 360° por el Dr. Lutz Graumann

Dr. Lutz Graumann has compiled a 360° recovery protocol for you based on existing research findings.

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