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Training done and your legs are heavy ?
We know that. After a hard workout, this is also quite normal. This is because of metabolic waste products, such as lactate, that your body produces during exercise. In addition, a lot of water collects in the legs during training. This makes them feel heavy.
After such training, what usually follows?
That's right, sore muscles! 😄
Have you ever thought about why this is happening?
In principle, it's very simple: Hard training leads (in addition to heavy legs) to an injury to the cell membrane and thus triggers an inflammatory reaction. The inflammation then increases the pain sensation in the muscle. We know that as sore muscles .
So far not bad, but one thing is stupid:

If you have sore muscles, you shouldn't exercise... 🥲

The reason for this is that progress and sporting performance are based on two pillars .
On the one hand the training: Here you give everything and set a training stimulus . We have already explained above that you will "break" your muscle in the first moment.
But in order for you to be able to make progress, you need a rest phase in which the muscle can regenerate .
Maybe you've already noticed: We're approaching a problem!
Well, maybe there are two:
  1. The longer it takes you to regenerate the longer the break , the fewer training units you can do, e.g. B. in a week and have a slower progress.
  2. Training breaks just annoy you and you can't wait to start again, right?

So what if we manage to speed up regeneration ?

That's how it's done:
You can accelerate your regeneration by actively taking care of it and building up an individual recovery routine .
This is where recovery boots come into play. They give your legs a compression massage that supports the removal of metabolic products from your legs and stimulates blood circulation.

The result:

A shorter recovery time , reduced risk of injury and greater mobility . 💪

In addition, the massage removes water from the legs, which leads to an immediately noticeable effect in the form of lighter legs .
Ultimately, you reduce the regeneration time and can train faster again, achieve greater success and achieve your sporting goals.
Pretty cool right?
Finally, here's something that all users love: While enjoying the massage, you don't have to do anything but relax. Just sit on your sofa and let the recovery boots do the work.