Wakeboarding as a lifelong dream: Claudia Pagnini

"I would like to thank Reboots because since I discovered them my recovery has been much better than before. At the moment I can't resist doing a session during my daily routine! It's time I take just for myself to relax and unwind after a long day"

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Interview with Claudia

1. what sport do you do and how did you get into it?

I am a wakeboarder! I started water skiing when I was very young because my dad was a water skier, but I didn't like it that much. Then one day I was at the lake and some guys brought a wakeboard, they got me to try it out and I've never stopped since!

2. What makes your sport special?

Wakeboarding is special to me because I feel like I can fully express myself! Wakeboarding is about being creative with your tricks and having fun with your friends!

3. what are the criteria for choosing your competitions?

I take part in all Wingfoil Race competitions (5 to 6 competitions per season). They are very special because of their format, which I love.

4. What has been your greatest sporting success to date?

My main goal, even as a child, was to practice my sport all over the world and make it my profession!

5. what is your hobby outside of sport?

Traveling, surfing, listening to music and lots of sports!

6. what motivates you to get up every day and do your sport?

Wakeboarding is my whole life! I can't stop, it just makes me the happiest!

Fun Facts

Alles rund um Recovery

1. What does the perfect recovery look like for you?

For me, the perfect recovery consists of good food, good sleep, lots of stretching and a relaxing time in my Reboots!

2. When do you prefer to use your Reboots?

I usually use them after my training or at the end of the day, maybe before dinner, to be ready and relaxed for my sleep!

3. How important is the topic of "recovery" for you?

Recovery is one of the most important parts of an athlete's life. To be able to train optimally, you need to recover well after training so that you are ready to go again the next day!

4. what is your insider tip when using the Reboots?

I usually use my Reboots for 30/40 minutes, with an active flow program and a pressure level between 13-15! I definitely recommend Reboots for your recovery session. They make my legs much softer after an intense leg or training day. I also used them during my leg injury and they were very important for my recovery phase! Recovery is much faster with them and you feel ready to give your best the days after!

5. what do you keep yourself occupied with while you're in the Reboots?

I usually read a book. I like the Reboots so much as I feel like I'm really taking some time for myself during my routine!

6. What does the perfect day look like for you?

An ideal day should include at least one fun wing session on the water and a special time to study. In between, I would eat a huge tray of sushi.

Sporting successes


1st Place: Wake Park World Championships


1st Place: Red Bull Wake Duel 2021


1st Place: Junior World Championships – wakeboarding cable

About the Reboots Go Lite Pants 2.0 set.