Many cyclists and teams belong to the "heavy reboot users". A prime example is Team Vorarlberg from Austria, who have been using Reboots for quite some time. Here not only the athletes but also the physios are big fans of the reboots.

In an interview with Nicolas Berton, Head Physio of Team Vorarlberg, he tells us about his work, the importance of regeneration in cycling and the use of reboots.

Learn more about the team, their achievements and philosophy:

How does your day as a physio with the Vorarlberg cycling team look like?

How important is rest and regeneration for the Vorarlberg cycling team and how do you promote it as a physio?

What is the balance between active training and regeneration during a week for a Radteam Vorarlberg rider?

What added value do the reboots offer the cyclists from Team Vorarlberg, but also you as a physio?

Especially in stage races, regeneration can become a challenge. How do you use reboots here?

Why do the Reboots Recovery Pants make sense especially for cyclists?

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Do cyclists train exclusively on their bikes, or do they also train in other sports?

What do cyclists do in winter? Is winter the purest regeneration phase for you?

Do you have any other tips that you can give cyclists for a successful regeneration besides the reboots?


Nicholas Berton