Recovery is an essential part of any training system. Without adequate rest, there can be no improvement in performance or progress. If you don't understand this principle, you won't get very far in sport. One-sided training without appropriate compensation leads to overload, both physically and mentally.

Nowadays, when a job, a busy schedule and sport take up a lot of space, there is often little room for adequate and sufficient regeneration. Just as you optimize your work processes and your training plan, you should also optimize your recovery strategies. But is it possible to regenerate more in less time? My answer to that is: Yes!

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Proper nutrition and hydration

A balanced diet and sufficient fluid intake also play an important role in optimal regeneration. Staying hydrated is crucial, especially on warmer days when you're exercising outside. In the summer, I recommend drinking about a liter of water per hour while exercising. In cooler temperatures, the amount can be reduced, but it is better to drink a little more than too little. You should also consider a few things when choosing your drink. I recommend that all athletes consume electrolytes during exercise. While regular water contains a small amount of electrolytes, sometimes this is not enough, especially in hot weather. If you don't get enough fluids and electrolytes, your performance will be affected and recovery will take longer.

The key to optimal regeneration

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The role of proteins

In addition to fluid intake, the optimal supply of your muscles after training is also crucial for your sporting success. Sport causes small micro-tears in the muscles, which heal during the regeneration phase and lead to improved performance. Your body needs high-quality proteins to heal. Good sources of protein include protein powder and lean meat. Legumes and dairy products can also be consumed in moderation provided they are well tolerated.

The integration of reboots ...

...into your regeneration routine

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Regeneration is not rocket science. If you heed the tips above, you will be fit again much faster. Here is a brief summary of the tips:

  • Get enough sleep and try to improve your deep sleep stages.
  • Drink enough water and maintain adequate electrolyte intake depending on your sweat production and weather conditions.
  • Eat enough protein to effectively regenerate your muscles.
  • Use reboots to improve your regenerative metabolism and remove metabolic waste products faster.

Finally, a specific tip for everyone who plays beach volleyball : In my experience, you have the highest recovery rate with a 30-minute application of program E at an intensity that is appropriate for you.

Good luck in improving your regeneration ability!