Reboots Pants vs Boots - What's the difference?

The Reboots Recovery Pants continue where classic recovery boots stop

Do you avoid salt when cooking? When reading on light? When cleaning on cleaning agents? No, because all of these things improve processes and results. We too have asked ourselves what we can do to make your regeneration process even more effective. The result is our Reboots Recovery Pants and Pants 2.0 . You extend the massage over the gluteus maximus to the lower back. In this blog article you will find out why this is a decisive advantage for athletes in various sports.

Anatomical representation of the gluteus

The king of muscles

What is this gluteus maximus we're talking about anyway? Sounds like the name of a historical ruler. That's true in the broadest sense, because it's also called the king of muscles. Gluteus Maximus is Latin for “largest buttock muscle”. In terms of volume, it is the largest human muscle and the second strongest after the masticatory muscle. But while you can win a marathon without any masseters, you can't stand or walk without your glutes. It is the elementary muscle for your athletic performance. So don't neglect your behind ;)

The glutes are part of the so-called posterior chain, which has a major impact on athletes' success in sprinting and jumping sports. It is about 80% involved in jumping and sprinting speed. Half of this alone accounts for the strength of the gluteus. As a result, its performance is important for almost every athlete. For comparison: the quadriceps are only 5% involved in jumping and sprint speed.

Our conclusion : pay attention to your king and you will be crowned with success!

Checkmate your competition - How to become a winner thanks to the Reboots Recovery Pants

Classic recovery boots end in the crotch and are put on like two separate boots. The massage ends at groin level, excluding muscle areas above the thighs. Our Recovery Pants , on the other hand, are a type of pair of pants that, depending on your height, reach down to the middle of your body. This is the key performance advantage of the Reboots Recovery Pants . They pick up where the boots stop. In addition to the gluteus maximus, the massage also includes the piriformis, the iliopsoas and the hip flexors - i.e. all the important muscles in the hip and buttocks area. Two compression chambers on the back also give you a pleasant massage on the lower back, which contributes to the well-being of the entire back. For athletes, this means a decisive performance advantage, since lactate removal is not limited to the legs.

With the innovative Pants 2.0, you can now even adjust the leg circumference to your individual leg circumference using three integrated zippers on the thighs and lower legs. The result is more effective and faster regeneration.

Comparison boots vs pants

Thanks to the overlapping technology, spaces between the chambers are avoided exclusively with the Boots and Pants 2.0 and you get a particularly smooth massage with flowing transitions.