At full speed over ice and tar: Fran Vanhoutte

"I am really excited and proud to be part of the Reboots community. Reboots delivers great quality products and excellent customer support. Keep up the great work! :)"

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Interview with Fran

1. what sport do you do and how did you get into it?

I've been inline speed skating since I was 3 years old because I saw my brother and sister doing it and having fun. I started long-distance speed skating in 2018 because there was a "Road to Ice" project for inline speed skaters.

2. What makes your sport special?

I love the high-speed turns you take in this sport. Also the feeling of riding in the peloton/ overtaking people and the technical and tactical points are really interesting.

3. What has been your biggest sporting success so far?

Bronze medal at the 2022 World Championships in inline speed skating/ 8th place at the 2020 Youth Olympic Games in long track speed skating.

4. How do you deal with the "hole" after a big competition?

There is always a new goal to pursue.

5. What is your hobby outside of sport?

I study industrial engineering alongside my sport. So I don't really have time for a specific hobby. I used to draw and paint a lot.

6. What motivates you to do your sport?

Passion. I love what I do and the drive to get stronger and grow in my sport is so great.

7. What does your perfect day look like?

A productive day with two good training sessions and a learning session in between. And a meeting with friends in the evening.

Fun Facts

Everything about recovery

1. what does the perfect recovery look like for you?

After a good cool-down, the Reboots Go Lite offer the perfect way to flush all the lactic acid out of my body. So I can be confident that I'll be ready to train or race the next day.

2. when do you prefer to use your Reboots?

After a hard training session or race, when my legs feel absolutely empty.

3. How important is "regeneration" to you?

This is a really important topic in my life as an athlete. A good recovery can give you a big advantage over your opponents, especially during a championship when you have to give your best on several race days.

4. What is your secret tip when using the Reboots?

I like to use Reboots at the end of a hard training/race day. I usually use them for 40 minutes - 20 minutes of the Flow program and 20 minutes of the Intense Pulse program. I prefer to use them at a very high pressure (14-16).

5. What do you keep yourself occupied with while you're in the Reboots?

Lots of things! Sometimes I watch a movie or a series. I also read while I'm in the Reboots, or I sharpen my blades so they're ready for my next workout.

About the Reboots Go Lite Pants 2.0 Set