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Carmen Campos Costa

“For me, regeneration is just as important as handball training. In order to perform 100%, rest, care, good nutrition and recovery are essential. Thanks to Reboots I have better and faster recovery in my daily routine and I feel my body better and faster ready for the next workout"

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Carmen in an interview


My sport is handball. When I was young I wanted to play football like my brother. The problem was that there was no women's team in my neighborhood, so I discovered handball through a school friend and I've been playing handball ever since, almost 20 years ago.

2. What has been your greatest (sporting) success so far?

When I was 19, my team got promoted to the top division of Spanish handball, which meant a lot to me. I also won two gold medals with the national team at the Mediterranean Games in 2018 and 2022 (the last one as team captain).

3. What is your favorite hobby besides your sport?

I love spending time with my family and friends. They also give me the motivation to always give it my all and get the most out of myself while giving me the strength and energy to get over the hole after a big competition. Otherwise, I like to read, go to the cinema or travel.

4. What kind of job would you probably be doing now if it hadn't worked out in sports?

I would like to organize events. That's what I'm studying right now!


Get up early, have breakfast, go to training, eat, take a little nap, train again and use the remaining time to rest, relax and study.

Fun Facts

Everything about recovery

1. What does the perfect regeneration look like for you?

For me, a perfect recovery consists of a good rest, a leg massage (which I can do thanks to my reboots) and a cryotherapy session

2. When is your favorite time to use your reboots?

I always use my Reboots after a competition and after hard training sessions (especially if we walk a lot) and also when I have pain in my legs.

3. What is your insider tip when using the reboots?

For me, regularity is the key to success. Find your routine and the results will show! For this reason, I almost always use the same program. I have the Reboots Go and use the B program for 30 minutes at compression 12. Personally, this program combination helps me the most to recover, feel lightness in my legs and recover faster.

4. What are you keeping busy with while you're in the reboots?

I usually always have something on TV, like a series or a movie. But I also use my reboots while studying or reading a book.

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