On the Padel Olympus with

Matthias Wunner & Johannes Lindmeyer

"Whether competitive or amateur sports: prioritize and optimize your recovery process so that you not only have long-term success in sports, but especially thereby have more fun and stay healthy. Recovery is key!"

Quick Facts

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Matthias and Johannes in interview

1. How did you become aware of padel?

J: Through a tennis buddy - before I had not heard of the sport, although it was at the time (2014) second largest sport in Spain.

M: My former tennis training partner has already played padel and asked me 4 years ago if I would like to play a tournament with him. Since I also had time that weekend, I agreed and the sport has directly captivated me and have trained from then on 4x a week.

2. What motivates you to practice your sport?

J: On the one hand, of course, the huge fun factor, because padel is spectacular and always presents you with new challenges. On the other hand, the learning curve is incredibly steep and I can only recommend it to everyone to try it out. (Attention: Addiction :D).
Finally, the clear goal is to remain Germany's number 1 in the long term.

M: This sport is simply unique. He brings so many facets, a mix of tennis and squash. Since it is always played in doubles it is also much more social and the atmosphere on the court much better. That fascinates me the most.

3. What is particularly important for your team sport?

J: Communication! Not only between the rallies and side breaks you discuss tactical things, but plays in padel also during the rally the Kommuniktion an important role (eg When the partner is overlobt and you tell him the position (s) of the opponents)

M: A good chemistry / communication between the partners. Since many balls are played over the middle, you have to know exactly which ball the partner takes and which one you take yourself. In addition, the one must adjust to many different tactics, so always communicate well and help his partner to tell him who of the opponents is behind and who is in front.

4. What is your favorite hobby besides your sport?

J: Tennis and diving.

M: Playing Mario Kart.

5. When I'm not working out, you can find me....

J: in the gym or at the sports university, since I work there in the university sports and am also a lecturer for tennis.

M: on the tennis court or with the guys playing Mario Kart.

Fun Facts

Everything about Recovery

1. How important is the topic "regeneration" for you?

J: The topic plays an enormous role for me. Especially on tournament trips, where we have to play every day sometimes several matches, it is important to bring the body back to top level as quickly as possible. Nutrition, sleep, stretching, fascia training and most recently the Recovery Boots play a very important role for me. Only in a rested state we can be successful nationally and especially internationally.

M: Very important, because we have a very high load and train very much and have many competitions. Since we have to regenerate very quickly to be fit again.

2. What does the perfect regeneration look like for you?

J: Directly after the load:

1) Stretching
2) Ice cold shower
3) Reboots
4) Healthy diet

With the reboots we have found the perfect regeneration to relax our muscles.

3. When do you prefer to use your reboots?

J: Before training/competition 15min with the Warm-Up (Double-) program & after training 35-45min with the Intense Flow (A) program.

M: In the evening after training or competition, on the couch or in bed.

4. Your secret tip for reboots use: what do you recommend other athletes for the regeneration unit with reboots?

J: The best effect with the reboots is achieved directly after exercise to accelerate the regeneration process. My tip: 30-40 min reboots with program B or A. It may be quiet intense, but you do not have to go to his pain threshold. I have found for me currently with program A and level 12/13 the optimal strength.

M: I find it best in the evening. Right now I'm doing a program for just under 30 minutes at pressure level 10.

5. What do you keep yourself busy with while you're in reboots?

J: I never go to the tournament without one or more banana(s) & no sleep without a sleep mask :D

M: I can't lose!

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