On a run with Johannes Motschmann

"In addition to reboots, adequate sleep and a healthy diet, preferably plant-based, are essential to recover and avoid injury!"

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John in an interview

1. What makes your sport special?

Since I have focused on marathons in particular in recent years, I would limit myself to that. I particularly like the fact that all runners are the same. Whether you are an Olympic champion or a hobby runner, you stand at the same starting line, run the same distance and are cheered on by everyone in equal measure. That doesn't happen in any other sport.

2. What does an ideal day look like for you?

Lots of walking, lots of eating, and exploring a new city or country.

3. What kind of job would you probably have now if it hadn't worked out with the sport?

I'm studying medicine, but I'm putting my studies on hold in favor of training. In the end I would like to be a psychiatrist.

4. What motivates you to get up every day?

Running is a privilege for me and I'm happy to be able to practice this sport in this way. Still, there are difficult days. It helps me the most to meet up with training partners for training. It's always easier in a group. Otherwise it motivates me.. to get the most out of myself. But also the social factor: You get to know so many great people who motivate each other. Of course, the beautiful places that I can visit are also a nice side effect that increases motivation.

Fun Facts

Everything about recovery

1. What does the perfect regeneration look like for you?

Sufficient sleep, plant-based food and an hour a day in the reboots.

2. Speaking of reboots. How did you find out about reboots back then?

During my college days in America, we used similar recovery products on the running team.

3. What would be your secret tips for a perfect reboots routine?

I prefer to use the reboots in the afternoon or evening with high pressure. I like to vary the programs, but I especially like D! I usually use the reboots for about 45 minutes and usually feel better immediately afterwards.

Otherwise, I like to read, answer emails or make phone calls.

Sporting achievements


Silver medal in the marathon team competition at the European Championships in Munich

personal record

Marathon in 2:14:18 in Rotterdam


1st place German Cross Country Championships over 4.1 km

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