1. Players have fundamentally different starting points, different fitness levels and different talents. In your opinion, what is the foundation for athletic success that every player must have?

2. With such a large team, how do you deal with each players individual needs and control their physical sensitivities?

Ewens: Given the number of players that we have, all needing detailed individual focus to their athletic development programs, it’s essential that as a department we work together to make sure we take every possible window of opportunity to either develop a physical quality, or maximise recovery. With the number of games we have in all competitions, and how different the demands have been on each player in the squad, looking at every individual’s program & monitoring where they’re at physically on a daily basis is critical.

3. How important is the topic of recovery for the team and how do you currently foster it?

4. How do you prepare the players to ensure that they can perform at their very best during a game?

5. Looking at a player's week, what is the balance between a players active training and recovery?

Ewens: Usually, the balance is an important one to strike. With one game per week there is plenty of time for the players to recover from the previous game, work hard to condition and improve mid-week, and then recover and adapt ready to play the next game. Therefore, the timing and type of recovery strategies becomes all important, as using some modalities directly after hard training can dampen the body’s adaptation response. However, with near enough every week this season containing 2-3 games, recovery is important to emphasise on almost every day between the matches. It’s also probably important to mention that active recovery strategies are important in this situation also.

6. How do you enable the players to recover at home when they’re not at the training ground with you and your team?

7. Personal stress can play a major role in recovery. Is mental stress during busy parts of the season physically noticeable to the players? How do you address this in your daily work?

8. What are your expectations towards the suppliership with Reboots and how do you expect Reboots to support your work with the players?